Mentoring and college preparation for non-traditional students

This cultural center is aimed to promote and propagate education in the culture, language and the value System of Igbo people.  Now, more than ever, Igbo children, youths and adults will have a second chance to learning Igbo language and culture in a formal and informal setting at the Igbo center. This cultural center will be a catalyst for advancing and rekindling Igbo values for an inestimable degree of success for generations to come. The MCC will provide enabling environment to re-bond with Igbo children, help our children to interact and socialize with fellow Ndigbo in a descent atmosphere that can nurture healthy relations for unity, love, progress and prosperity. This will level the playing field for socialization, culturalization and out right empowerment of Igbo people. 

We will also expand/extend the following services with the purchase of the multi-cultural center:

  1. Cultural exchange and museum of Igbo history
  2. After school and summer programs for  youths
  3. Guidance and counseling for at risk kids to stay in school
  4. Healthcare preventive screening and education for women and children
  5. Mentoring and college preparation for non-traditional students and working adults

Giving children a second chance

NNI is fortunate to have the support of our wonderful community. If you would like to give towards this community, your donation will go towards one of our community projects. You can give online by clicking on the button below. Your support is greatly appreciated.

*NNI reserves the right to use your donations in projects that adheres to its goals and objectives.

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