Nzuko Ndi Igbo (NNI) Committees 2017

Igbo House and NNI Projects

Chair: Sam Okafor

Co-Chair: Peter Anyanwu

Members: Dr. Gerry Uba, Desmond Nwoke, Uche Onwuzurike, Justice Emole and Nnamdi Egbukichi

Objective Acquire Igbo House –

  • Finalize strategy for Igbo House;
  • Secure funding – grant, individuals and corporate,
  • Locate property/location/ negotiate building price,
  • Close the deal

Budget: House to approve; Meeting: As required; Reporting: Monthly; Target Date: Dec 2017


Fund Raising Activities

Chair: Innocent Aniefuna

Co-Chair: Godwin Nwerem

Members: Emeka Nwele, Chibuzo Ezeobi, Oliver Orjiako, Dr. Nwizu Kenny Erinne and Kingsley Obialor, Michael Okeke


Objectives:  Raise funds to help actualize Igbo house

  • Raise $25k new money; add net $50k to Igbo house account in 2017
  • Develop and build sustainable relationships with donors – Individuals, Corporate and municipals.   

Budget: House to approve if any; Meeting: As needed; Reporting: Monthly; Target Date: 2017


 Igbo day and Cultural Awareness

Chair: Festus Obijiofor

Co-Chair: Michael Izuchukwu

Members: Nnoli Bernard, Frank Alaebo, Uzomah Nwaigwe, Tony Mekkam and Mazi Nwankwo, Oguaghamba Uzochukwu, Ukagu Evans, Chibuzor Ugorji, Amukamara Anthony, Eze Chiedozie and Ichu Ugochukwu


  • Organize and execute Igbo/cultural day events.
  • Raise funds for NNI/Igbo House.

Budget: House to approve; Meeting: As Needed; Reporting: Monthly; Activity Date: 2017/2018


Youth Development

Chair: Oguaghamba Uzochukwu    

Co- Chair: Alphonse Nwerem

Members: Iyke Ekeya sn, Sammy Okereke, Uche Onwuzurike, Desmond Nwoke, Kenny Erinne


  • Develop joint youth programs in partnership with IWA
  • Organize and executive Igbo youth day
  • Other social and cultural activities as needed.

Budget: House to approve; Meeting: As needed; Reporting: Monthly; Activity Date: 2017


Benefits, Recognition and Awards

Chair: Nzeribe Nwokoma

Co-chair: Chijioke Ononiwu

Members: Eze Chiedozie, Ugoorji Calistus, George Onwumere, Ohakwe Diony, Ilechukwu Toby,

Objective: Recommend and execute Membership benefit; Budget: House approved; Meeting: As required

Reporting: Monthly; Activity Date: 2017/2018


Policy Reviews, Conflict Resolution and Outreach

Chair: Ken Godwin Nwerem

Co-Chair: Nnamdi Egbukichi

Members: Cosmas Nwerem, Eme Nmerole, Chineye Mba, Ikenna, Ukagu Evans, Chibuzor Ugorji,


  • Reach new members; help in retention of existing members,
  • Review and recommend policy changes
  • Facilitate resolution of conflict between members.

Budget: House to approve if any; Meeting: As Needed; Reporting: Monthly; Activity Date: 2017


Health and Wellness

Chair: Dr. Nwizu

Co-chair: Dr. Austin Okeke

Members: Dr Emeka Nwele, Afam Okoye, Diony Ohakwe, Michael Okeke

Objective:  Organize health and wellness education, activities and Health fair.

Budget: House to approve; Meeting: As required/ Monthly; Reporting: Monthly; Activity Date: 2015


Igbo Language and Education

Chair: Ken Onyima

Co-Chair: Dr Gerry Uba

Members: Chibuzo Ezeobi, Oliver Orjiako, Nmereole Emenike, Ogbeama Vitalis

Objectives:  Design, organize and teach Igbo language

Budget: House to approve if any; Meeting: As needed; Reporting: Monthly; Target Date: 2017


Christmas Events

Chair: Ezeobi Chibuzo  

Co-Chair: Ughamba Barnard

Members: Ifeanyi Chinweuba, Igwe IG, Izuchukwu Chukwudi, Nwankwo Livinus, Ohakwe Alexander, Anukam Charles, Chinwuba Ifeanyi, Andrew Ugwumba Darlington


Objective:  Review and Develop a working plan to execute Annual Christmas event. Organize it with our kids in mind and make fun-centric of all of us. Develop modalities to get the community more involved with is event and review the existing standards.

Budget: House to approve; Meeting: As required/ Monthly; Reporting: Monthly; Activity Date: 2017/18


Committee for Audit Reviews

Chair: Tony Mekkam

Co-chair: Ogbonnaya Emmanuel

Members: Nwokeduru Osita, George Onwumere, Sammy Okereke and Ngene Ginika,


  • Ensure transparency and accountability
  • Review monthly financial activities and processes.

Budget: House to approve; Meeting: As required/ Monthly; Reporting: Monthly; Activity Date: 2017


IWA Affairs and community Liaison

Members: Mbelu Emeka, Cosmas Nwerem, Ebukam Tobi, Ukagu Evans, Ogbeama Kenneth, Nwokeduru Osita and Hygiuns Igwe

Objective:  Continue advisory role in fostering mutual relationship and respect with IWA and other ethnic groups.

Budget: House to approve

Meeting : As required/ Monthly ;Reporting: Monthly; Activity Date: 2017


Political Action

Chair: Chinenye Mba    

Co- Chair: Vitalis Ogbeama

Members: Uche Onwuzurike,  Sampson Ughamba, Uzochuku Oguaghamba, Chiedu Charles, Peter Olemgbe, Michael Izuchukwu

Objective:  Develop strategy on how to make NNI become a strong political voice in Oregon/SW Washington;  NNI member run and win public office in Oregon/SW Washington


Membership Retention and Outreach

Chair: Vitalis Ogbeama    

Co- Chair: Mazi Nwankwo

Members: Amukamara Anthony, Sampson Ughamba, Kenny Erinne, Eze Chiedozie, Chiedu Charles, Sunny Mekkam, Michael Okeke

Objective:  Membership retention, follow up and outreach


Giving children a second chance

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