Nzuko Ndi Igbo (NNI) is an association which brings together persons and groups of persons who are Igbo by birth, marriage, naturalization or adoption in the state of Oregon and Southwest Washington. Our purpose is to promote and maintain Igbo heritage while enhancing a smooth cultural infusion in recognition of other cultures. Membership is open to all Igbo persons and organizations in the geographical areas of Oregon and Southwest Washington. The organization is a 501 c (3), not-for--profit, tax exempt organization; it was founded  in 1996.  Both the executive and board members are volunteers.


Giving children a second chance

NNI is fortunate to have the support of our wonderful community. If you would like to give towards this community, your donation will go towards one of our community projects. You can give online by clicking on the button below. Your support is greatly appreciated.

*NNI reserves the right to use your donations in projects that adheres to its goals and objectives.

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Nzuko Ndi Igbo, PO Box 11978, Portland, OR 97211-0978